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Cleek Ancestors


Baltas Cleek was born 1704, in Alsace, Germany.  He died 9/26/1732 at sea, coming back from Germany.


Jacob Cleek, Sr. was born 1725 in the Rhine River Valley, Germany.  He died 1/1/1813, at Warm Springs, Bath Co., VA.  He married Christina Croddy in 1764, at Rockbridge, Bath Co., VA.


Peter Cleek was born 10/20/1779 in Shenandoah County, VA.  He died on 11/14/1856 in Jackson Co., VA (WV).  He married Jennie D. Corbett on 8/31/1799 in Bath Co., VA.


Peter and Jennie had the following children.  


Mary Virginia Cleek was born 8/19/1802 in Bath Co., VA.  She died 8/16/1843 in Jackson Co., VA (WV).  She married Lewis Acree on 9/13/1822, in Allegheny Co., VA. 


George Washington Cleek was born 7/14/1811 in Bath Co., VA.  He died in 1890.  He married Bridget King in 1834.


George and Bridget's daugter, Mary Jane Cleek, was born 5/5/1835, at Kenna, Kanawha Co., VA (WV).  She died 11/15/1902 in WV.  She married Robert S. Hopkins on 9/24/1871 in Jackson Co., WV.