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Meadows Ancestors


Robert de Medewe, died in Wytnesham, Suffolk County, England


Robert de Medewe II, died in Hasketon, Suffolk County, England


Robert de Medewe III, was born 1290, in Suffolk County, England.  He died in 1328.


Jeffery de Medewe, was born 1323, Wytnesham, Suffolk County, England, and died in 1351.


Jeffery de Medewe II, was born in 1400, in Hasketon, Suffolk County, England.  He died in 1441, in England.  He married Margaret Fairfax.


Jeffery de Medewe III, was born in 1452, in Wytnesham, Suffolk County, England.  He died in 1540, in Wytnesham, Suffolk County, England.


John Medowe was born 1476, in Martlesham, Suffolk, England.  He died in 1531.


William Meadowe I, was born in 1504, in Rushmere, St. Andrews, England.  He died in 1542.


William Meadowe II was born in 1559, in Rushmere, St. Andrews, England,  He died in 1637.


Daniel Medowe was born 1577, at Chattisham Hall, England.  He died in 1651.  He married Elizabeth Smith.


Ambrose Meador was born in 1594, in Avon, England.  He died 12/24/1661, in Rappahannock County, Virginia.


Thomas Meador was born 12/24/1612, in Bristol, Suffolk County, England.  He died on 6/6/1655, in Essex County, Virginia.


Thomas Meador, Jr. was born in 1638, in Northumberland County, Virginia.  He died 4/16/1662 in Rappahannock County, Virginia.  He married Sarah Hoskins.


John Meador was born 1658, in Charles Parish, York County, Virginia.  He died 11/21/1721 in Essex Co., VA.

He married Mary Ann Awbrey.


Jonas Meador was born 1698, in Essex Co., VA.  He died 9/5/1768 in Cumberland Co., VA.  He married Frances Hudgens.


Josiah Francis Meadows was born 7/14/1734 in Caroline Co., VA and died 4/11/1820, at Amherst, Monroe County, VA. (WV).  He married Mary Kesiah Bell in 1758.


Francis Meadows, was born 2/1759 in Essex, Orange Co., VA and died 11/20/1836 in Amherst, Monroe Co., VA (WV).  He married Frances Bush.


Anthony Francis Meadows was born 1808 in Rockingham Co., VA and died 1873, in Hinton, Summers County, West Virginia.  He married Mary Polly Shumate.


Parris William Meadows was born 1/20/1831, in Wolf Creek, Monroe Co., VA (WV).  He died in 5/20/1901 in Leon, Mason Co., WV.  He married Lucinda Woodrum on 12/29/1854 in Monroe Co., VA (WV).


Amanda Jane Meadows was born 11/15/1861 in Hinton, Summers County, VA (WV).  She died 2/15/1943, In Leon, Mason County, WV.  She married James Calvin Edwards on 6/11/1882, in Leon, Mason Co., WV.