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French and Indian War:

Jacob Cleek-2nd Virginia Regiment, Byrd's Company

Christopher Columbus Swiger, 1st Virginia Regiment, Teagarden's Company,  

Josiah Francis Meadows-Indian Spy, Virginia Militia

Edmund Riggs-Indian Spy, 1757-1758


Revolutionary War:

John Edwards-Maryland

Boaz Fleming-2nd Delaware Regiment

Major Lawrence Braddock Hopkins-Virginia Militia

Captain William Jordan-Virginia Militia

Campbell Lefever-Pennsylvania Militia

John Swiger-Pennsylvania Militia as Indian Spy

Jacob Bigler-Revolutionary War, Continental Army, Private, 1st German Battalion, Regiment of Foot, 6th Company ,             Commanded by Colonel Baron Arendt   

Phillip O. Harless-Revolutionary War, Continental Army, Indian Spy under Captain Lucas

William Bachus-Ranger, Pennsylvania Militia, Under Captain Ichabod Ashcraft

Isaac Hooper-Virginia Militia

Francis Meadows-Continental Army, 10th Virginia Regiment, Under Colonel Green

Josiah Francis Meadows-Virginia Militia

James Riggs-Continental Army, Private, Pennsylania Regulars, Lt. Rose's Ranger Company


War of 1812:

David Daniel Edwards-Private, Ohio Militia, 1st Regiment, Captain Thornley's Company

Turner Payne

Joseph Andrew Peal

Conrad James Carte-Pennsylvania Volunteers



American Civil War:

Sebastian Lang-Union Army, Corporal, 1st Regiment, West Virginia Light Artillery, Battery E, under    

      Captain Alexander C. Moore

Crawford Conrad Carte-Union Army, Corporal, 4th West Virginia Infantry, C Company

Richard David Carte-Union Army, Private, 4th West Virginia Infantry, H Company.

Frederick Finsley, Union Army, Private, 1st West Virginia Infantry, E Company. Brooke County, West Virginia.

Elmus Wesley Hamilton-Confederate Army, Private, 12th Virginia Cavalry

James Madison Hamilton-Confederate Army

Elmus Hamilton Swiger-Union Army, Private, 5th West Virginia Cavalry, Company G.

George W. Swiger-Union Army, Private, 6th West Virginia Cavalry, Company B.

Solomon Swiger-Union Army, Private, 3rd West Virginia Cavalry, Company L.

William H. Swiger-Union Army, Private, 12th West Virginia Infantry, Company E.

Adam C. Acree-Confederate Army, Private, 22nd Virginia Infantry, Company B

George Clyde Acree-Confederate Army, Private, 22nd Virginia Infantry, Company B

Charles L. Acree-Union Army, Private, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery



World War I:

Brooks F. Swiger-United States Army

John Morgan Carte-United States Army

Cecil Earley Edwards-United States Army



World War II:

Major Norman Basil Edwards-3rd Army Corps (General Patton), Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Bronze Star

Sergeant Carl Otho Edwards, US Army


Korean War:

Leutenant Colonel Norman Basil Edwards (25th Infantry), Bronze Star, Presidential Unit Citation


Vietnam War:

Major General Norman Basil Edwards 3rd Army Corps, Distinguished Service Medal


Persian Gulf:


Southwest Asia (Iraq & Afghanistan):

Colonel Eric Lanham:  Irag and two tours in Afghanistan, United States Army, Bronze Star Recipient.