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Honorable William Cocke 1672-1720

William was born in 1672, in Sudbury, Suffolk County, England.  He attended Queens College in Cambridge, England, and graduated in 1693 as a medical doctor.


His family immigrated to the Virginia Colony in 1700.  He was the Judge for the Virginia Colonial Council and later named, the Secretary of State, Colony of Virginia, under Alexander Spotswood.


He died at the age of 48, on October 20th, 1720, and was buried at Bruton Parish Church, Old Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.



Line of descent:
William Cocke married Elizabeth Catesby

William Pratt married Elizabeth Cocke

Walter King married Elizabeth Pratt

Leonard King married unknown

Francis King married Mary Katherine Richards

George Washington Cleek married Bridget King

Robert S. Hopkins married Mary Jane Cleek

Pearl Ishmael Evans married Myrtle Zuba Hopkins

Frank Swiger Hamilton married Elma Lucille Evans